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We distribute top quality gems to jewellery manufacturers and dealers in different countries. All our gemstones are imported directly from the area of origin.

Royal Stone-Sapphire

Natural Blue Sapphire Ring with Beautiful Pink Sapphires and diamonds in White Gold

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Stone Of The Elect

Sapphire is a type of corundum. It is believed that the stone got its name from the word canipriya, which translated from Old Indian means “beloved by Saturn”. In ancient Greek, the word σάπφειρος (sappheiros) called any valuable blue stone. That is why until the XIII century, it was known as lapis lazuli or azure yakhont. Only in the XVIII century, the Swedish chemist G. Vallerius proposed to call transparent blue corundum sapphire.

Sapphire is truly a royal stone. Crowns of kings was traditionally decorated with it, as well as no fewer valuable heirlooms: diadems, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, brooches.

The most famous sapphire of “St. Edward” adorns the top of the British crown, in the very heart of the cross. A 200-carat stone was placed in the crown of Russian Empire, a double sapphire was inserted into the Indian Maharajah brooch, and the Harry Winston necklace included 36 large sapphires with a total weight of 196 carats.

Queens of the Netherlands can demonstrate a whole pair of family sapphire jewels.
Princess Diana’s engagement ring with sapphire 10×8 mm and weighing 1.8 carats,
surrounded by 14 diamonds, once chosen by the princess from the catalog for 28,000 pounds, has become an icon of style and is still incredibly popular.

Stone Magic

At all times, jewelry with sapphire had a special value. According to popular belief, the royal mineral was considered a symbol of hope, loyalty, purity and chastity. Sapphire has long been one of the most expensive gems and was inferior in price only to diamond. The stone of the color of heaven was considered the embodiment of tranquility, contemplation and appeasement. In ancient Rome, only priests of the temple of Jupiter wore rings with cornflower blue sapphires. In India and Judea, it decorated priests’ vestments. Blue sapphires sparkled even in Cleopatra’s own crown.

In Europe, blue corundum was considered a symbol of honesty, virtue and modesty. In Eastern countries, sapphire was called the “wise mascot”. Nowadays, the precious mineral is personified with confidence, success and victory. According to astrologers, wearing a headset with sapphires has a beneficial effect on health.

The sapphire wedding is celebrated after 45 years, celebrating the wisdom and virtue of the spouses with gifts with sapphire.

Elegant ring with Pear Cut Natural Blue Sapphire and diamonds in White Gold

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Enchanting Ring with Natural Blue Sapphire and Fairytale Fancy Yellow diamonds in White Gold

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Eternal Value

Products with precious sapphire inserts was always highly valued . Today, leading jewellery houses use corundum both in individual items and in entire collections. Especially elegant look sapphires with stepped or brilliant cut, as well as “star-shaped” stones with a cut “cabochon”. Connecting with topazes, amethysts and emeralds, blue sapphires acquire new colors.

Still also relevant classic combination of sapphires and diamonds, which has become a symbol of luxury. Blue sapphires look invariably spectacularly set in white or yellow gold. At the same time, complemented by a combined frame, the classic duo of gems sounds fashionable and modern.

In the trend of the model with “fancy” sapphires of delicate shades, which give the products a special sophistication. The combination of a set of bright “fancy” stones in one decoration allows you to realize the most daring design ideas.

A product with sapphires is not only a stylish addition to any image, but also an indicator of impeccable taste.

Investing in gemstones is a specific asset of the financial market that offers investment in diamonds and other precious stones. The profitability of this type of cash investment is explained by the stable growth of their value over many decades. As a result, investments in precious stones not only provide for the increase of capital, but also act as a reliable tool for its preservation.

Understanding the needs of the local consumer and analyzing the development trends, we provide different types of top-quality gemstones to jewellery manufacturing companies and dealers in different countries of the world. Our company also takes part in global auctions and international exhibitions. Investing in gems requires a good level of expertise — knowledge and research. We cooperate with the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), an independent certification center for precious stones, and classify our precious stones according to the international rating system and standards.

Our current collection of blue sapphires was mined in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

 We offer natural sapphires that are highly valued by customers for their beauty, brilliance and durability, second only to hard diamonds. The most profitable option to buy stones, considering the ratio of the size of the profit and the time it waits, is undoubtedly to invest in uncut or unmounted gems with accompanying quality certificates, order making jewellery from them.

The percentage of profit will depend on the design of the product, the nobility of the materials used and, of course, time. After all, exclusive products, as well as those that are equated to antiques when investing in precious stones, will cost much more than mass replicated ones. Our company will also help to create a unique jewellery design for the gems you have purchased and to make jewellery in accordance with your taste preferences

We distribute top quality gems to jewellery manufacturers and dealers in different countries. All our gemstones are imported directly from the area of origin, are always accompanied by a gemological certificate and are sold to the end client without middlemen.

Gemstones are an asset to the holder and are not subject to any form of tax and can be passed down from generation to generation without costs or bureaucratic procedures.

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