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We are looking for specialists in various fields of operations and services our company provides across UAE and globally. Be a part of company with ultimate benefits offering great growth to your professional career.


Ultimate Trading and Consulting DMCC offers a comprehensive range of advisory and consulting services to privately held businesses as well as public sector entities.

Construction Equipment

One line of our business is construction equipment rental services for companies engaged in foundation engineering services.


We distribute top quality gems to jewelry manufacturers and dealers in different countries. All our gemstones are imported directly from the area of origin.


In our assortment you will find exclusive, collectible items, as well as great gifts for connoisseurs of antique items.

Numerous Benefits Of Working With Us, Besides The Exposure Of A Global Company

Apart from career growth and global exposure, we provide our employees with facilities like annual performance analysis, competitive salaries, medical insurance and educational assistance program.

Global Exposure

Our employees can improve communication skills, build a global network, find fresh ideas, gain a competitive edge, they have a chance to do something different.

Medical Insurance

We are taking care and providing healthcare benefits, along with time-off benefits for our employees. All our employees are provided with medical insurance.

Interesting & Responsible Work

All our employees can make decisions on important issues, influence their results and see how their contribution affects the overall success.

Competitive Salaries

Since we want our employees to be able to fully concentrate on solving professional problems, we support them with attractive compensation and a good competitive salary.

Comfortable Working Environment

We have created working conditions in which it is comfortable for any employee: modern equipment, food points, changing rooms and friendly team.

Educational Assistance Program

From the very beginning of work with us, employees are provided with training that will enable them to successfully cope with their work. In the future, it is planned to increase the level of qualification.

Annual Performance

Benefits include understanding the reasoning behind decisions regarding salary, work assignments, the opportunity to request training or an expanded work role. Our employee may receive recognition for accomplishments and can set goals for the future.

Team Cooperation

Teamwork helps our employees to interact, listen to the opinions of others, find a compromise, learn from the experience of other people. We provide an opportunity for effective interpersonal interaction. We appreciate the professionalism of each of the team members and the ability to work in concert for a common result.

Career Growth

In a company our employees can move up the career ladder, both horizontally and vertically. The main thing to show high results and have the desire to move forward!

Why Work With Us

We look for the most driven individuals who can work passionately together to bring the best to our organization.

At Ultimate Trading & Consulting, people are our success drivers, and that makes their careers important to us. If you wish for your career to grow leaps and bounds, then you have reached the right place!

We will provide you the opportunity to be mentored, nurtured and empowered so you can create something inspirational that influences the global businesses every day.

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